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The Scientific Live has come into being with a grand noble aim to take science and technology - its fruits and benefits to all the people of the world and to make the world a better place to live. As a means to achieve this goalScientific Live organizes conferences on science and technologies such as oncology, cardiology, HIV/AIDS, nephrology, diabetes, dental, material science, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, nursing profession, healthcare issues, research and development, the advancements made in these fields, technologies available and in use, newer discoveries, the status of research and how well the benefits of cure is made accessible to people at large in the world.

Further, how best these technologies and discoveries in various fields can be exploited and utilized for the wellbeing of human lives across the world. These conferences are conducted on international platforms at exotic locales across the nations, where internationally renowned scientists, professors, research scholars, research laboratories, academicians, science students, professionals, doctors, physicians, surgeons, and right down to laymen interact with each other understanding and sharing their scientific knowledge, research findings, treatises, dissertations, and how best could the benefits be shared among the people of this world for their own good, their wellness, well-being and good health.

Such lively conferences that one never misses when Scientific Live organizes internationally. It's a golden opportunity for the global scientific community, qualified technologists, research scholars, students, professors, lecturers, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, lab equipment manufacturers, and research labs to participate and share their knowledge, expertise, experience, research findings, exchange ideas through brainstorming sessions, debates, discussions, workshops, live interactions, poster presentations etc. Never miss the chance and lag behind in your profession. Come! Participate in a conference of your chosen calling. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity.


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The conferences organized by Scientific Live provides a perfect platform for young & budding researchers to showcase & present their research outcomes before world renowned scientists as well as network with the fellow researchers to exchange their research ideas.